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The Association of Certified Background Investigators (ACBI), a non-profit organization, was established to improve and promote quality standards in the background investigation profession, to strengthen professional skills and expertise, and to share, through ACBI members, knowledge and professional relationships.

Based on the membership criteria listed below, if you feel you qualify for membership, you are welcome to submit an application and the annual fee for review. The annual fee is $50 to be paid through PayPal. If it is determined you do not qualify, your fee will be promptly be returned to you.

ACBI welcomes any person at least twenty-one (21) years of age who subscribes to the purposes of ACBI, and meets the following membership criteria:


A Regular Member shall be a person who is currently credentialed through a federal governmental agency to conduct background investigations.

An Associate Member shall be a person who has been previously credentialed or has credentials pending, from a federal government agency or contractor, to conduct background investigations, or is otherwise associated with the profession and is interested in supporting the purposes of the ACBI relative to the federal background investigative industry.

An Associate Active Law Enforcement/ Military-Intel/ Intelligence Community Member shall be a person who is currently a fulltime employee of a US local, city, county, state, or federal law enforcement agency who is a sworn officer, agent, or similar law enforcement title; or active or active reserve member of a U.S. branch of the military engaged now or in the past in intelligence, facility security duties related to the oversight and maintenance of US security clearances, duties directly related to background security clearances, signals intelligence (SIGNIT), Human intelligence (HUMIT) or other types of military intelligence; who have an interest in entering the background security clearance industry during or after their career; or any current member of a U.S intelligence agency who is actively involved in the agency as a analyst, agent, investigator, clandestine services, security, facility security officer, or similar type of position who have an interest in entering the background security clearance industry during or after their career.

A Corporate Member shall include any person who is employed by a company or a government entity whose primary responsibility is overseeing the conduct of National Security background investigations.

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In regard to contract details: Please fill in the name of the agency you contract with; code name of project; or "confidential" if information cannot be disclosed. If you contract with or work directly for an agency, fill in "direct contract".

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Terms & Conditions

I have personally completed the above application for membership accurately and to the best of my knowledge. I further acknowledge that any false statements or material misrepresentation will result in the Association declining my application or terminating my membership after its approval. I further understand that my contact information will appear in a "members only" directory to allow members to network, share ideas and information. I further agree to abide by the By-Laws of the Association. Membership is for a calendar year.